Bishop Lopez N. Dautruche

Bishop Lopez N. Dautruche is the pastor of the First Church Of God In Christ in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is Bishop of the Jurisdiction of Haiti and has been for over twenty-five years. He has been in the ministry of the Lord for over sixty years. Bishop Dautruche is responsible for over one hundred churches, one orphanage and fifty schools. Bishop Dautruche opened more than ten of those schools and added extensively to the secondary section of the C. H. Mason School. He build the headquarters church for the Haiti Jurisdiction and opened a 'free sitting' center for the under-nourished child. He has assisted thousands in Haiti through the ministry of his health clinics, churches, schools and orphanages. Presently, Bishop Dautruche is focusing his efforts on the remodeling of the Mason School, the building of an educational complex in Croix Des Bouquets and eventually the establishment of a C. H. Mason Bible Institute of Haiti.  

First Meeting of COGIC HAITI

The very first meeting of COGIC-HAITI took place on January 13, 1929 at 167, Rue des Fronts-Forts where is currently located our national headquarter.

Upon receiving the water baptism by Leon Mathias Van Alken, a Belgian missionary from Vancouver, Canada, a group of young Haitians including Joseph St-Juste and his wife who had just left the Episcopal Church, embraced this new religious movement. Shortly after, Van Alken returned to his homeland thus yielding the leadership of the new mission to the Haitian brothers. It was not, however, until 1928 that Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, founder of the Church of God in Christ in the United States, sent to Port-au-Prince missionary Paulcéus Léys with the mission of planting the work in the Caribbean island.

When he arrived in Haiti, Bishop Mason’s emissary soon contacted the group of brothers in action. Afterward, Paulcéus was authorized by the government to preach the word of God in Haiti. The leading group comprising Paulcéus, Jacques Vital-Herne et Joseph St-Juste bought a land at Bel-Air where they set up a tent which Bishop Mason gave them. It was on that site that the Church of God in Christ’s new members began their earlier meetings.

When Paulcéus and Vital-Herne left, a new leadership emerged under the direction of Joseph St-Juste. This transition lasted four years until the arrival in 1937 of Bishop A. B. Mc Ewen, the COGIC president of the Board of Missions. During his stay in Haiti, he ordained five pastors including Joseph St-Juste.  A constitution was also adopted.  

During his first trip in Haiti, Bishop Mason bought on behalf of the church the house located at Rue des Fronts-Forts.  On this land is currently built the national headquarter of the church.

At the death of Bishop Joseph St-Juste in 1957, he was replaced by his son Louis Sauveur St-Juste who was ordained in 1942.  Although he became handicapped, he continued to serve as bishop for several years until his death in 1968.

Since 1974, our beloved Lopez Naucles Dautruche was presiding bishop for the Church of God of God in Christ in Haiti. The work  had greatly advanced under his leadership. Many churches have been planted throughout the country. Bishop Dautruche has also established and strengthened several charitable institutions. Among his most remarkable contributions stand the construction of our headquarter in Port-au-Prince and the superb auditorium Charles Harrison Mason in Latremblay. Unfortunately Lopez Dautruche passed away and Dr. Leon Pamphile is now the lead of COGIC Haiti.